"Welcome to Amsterdam, City of Ideas"

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"Welcome to Amsterdam, City of Ideas" by Mind Map: "Welcome to Amsterdam, City of Ideas"

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1.1. Live mapping start map

1.2. Overview of all talks

2. Job Cohen

2.1. Mayor of Amsterdam

3. TED & Amsterdam

3.1. amsterdam brief history

3.1.1. reputation of ideas

3.1.2. 17th century city Golden Age World power 1st bank created 1st joined stock company stock options stock exchange Dutch East India Company 1st multinational colonies city needed new people technological innovation climate freedom new people sharing new cultures flourishing bookprinting industry home of philosophers objective is freedom international commercial center

4. nowadays

4.1. strategic location

4.2. port

4.2.1. schiphol

4.2.2. harbor

4.2.3. AMS IX

4.3. creative industries

4.3.1. new media

4.3.2. attract people

4.4. financial centre

4.5. example

4.5.1. Red light district combined with Red light fashion

4.6. key

4.6.1. openess

4.6.2. freedom

4.6.3. trade

4.6.4. tollerance

4.6.5. creativity

4.6.6. New node