"Be like Jack Sparrow; embrace your fears"

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"Be like Jack Sparrow; embrace your fears" by Mind Map: "Be like Jack Sparrow; embrace your fears"

1. EU

1.1. powerfull ideas

1.2. diversity

1.3. choice

1.3.1. captain jack sparrow fun

1.3.2. captain jack jones dads army Jack Jones WO1 hero

1.4. challenge

1.4.1. redefine relation between man and environment

1.4.2. carefull

1.4.3. increasing population

1.4.4. rethink our lives structures governments etc

1.5. science has solution

1.6. problem

1.6.1. polical

1.6.2. do we have the guts to do the right thing

1.6.3. feed 9 billion people

1.6.4. managing disasters

1.7. developments

1.7.1. high speed

1.7.2. high impact on people

1.8. EU history

1.8.1. fear of the other changing relations friend or fo? abandon by the elites commodity

1.9. challenge

1.9.1. dismissing fears

1.9.2. people see threaths are real

1.9.3. positions are under treath

1.9.4. not a done deal that we have a better future

1.9.5. fears are real

1.10. Easy to use 2 poles

1.10.1. the foe is someone closer to the other identity

1.10.2. very dangerous

1.11. Politicians are like the service department op a phone company

1.12. ask the question: what are you going to do about it?

1.12.1. we must solve together all governments

1.12.2. diversity is key

2. Back to...

2.1. Live mapping start map

2.2. Overview of all talks

3. Frans Timmermans

3.1. Minister for European Affairs

4. fear

4.1. can be fun

4.2. exciting

4.3. potentially strong political force

4.3.1. there is a solution

4.4. example

4.4.1. kennedy put a man on the moon do it because its hard unleash creativity

4.5. also

4.5.1. paralise whole society EU values could disolve? no way out?