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Education in Africa's Villages by Mind Map: Education in Africa
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Education in Africa's Villages

Role & responsibility of a Global Citizen

Any child should not be refused to enroll in school just because of not being able to pay the fee. Free education and available to everyone regardless gender, race or age. Seek for Government support to provide free books, training and supplies at the school Donate money to buy books, pay fee and buy food and water so that they don't have to spend time finding food and water .And they can use this time for school Sponsor a child to pay the fee and buy books for their education Fundraising also a good way to collect money to help the children to go to school Sponsoring a school might give many children opportunities to go to school Volunteer, going to the needed countries and giving the children right education can brighten the future of those  who are in need

Make it available to all


Provide free education

Free books

Seek Government support

Government workers

Donate money, books and supplies


Sponsor a child




Sponsor a school




What is being done


Millennium Development Goals (MDG), GOAL 2 Achieve Universal Primary Education

Millennium Villages Project (MVP)

Education in Africa

What is happening

Mayange,Rwanda Population 20,000), Classes are big as 80 students, Parents are unable to pay the fee for past the primary level, Primary schools are over crowded, Teachers lack of training, books and supplies

Toya,Mali Population 5,000, Lack of teachers and classrooms, Only 42 teachers for 1228 enrolled students

Fast Fact

Over 40% of women in Africa have no access to basic education

Early childhood education in Africa

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