Borgholm Municipality Proposed Actions towards sustainability

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Borgholm Municipality Proposed Actions towards sustainability by Mind Map: Borgholm Municipality Proposed Actions towards sustainability

1. Energy

1.1. Local energy production

1.1.1. Windmills on private & public buildings

1.1.2. Local Wind production for each Village in the municipal area

1.1.3. Solar water heaters

1.2. Small energy production

1.2.1. Electricity-making chairs in the office

1.2.2. Pedal power (sport centers)

1.2.3. Public pedal power

1.2.4. Use motion plates to harvest peoples energy when walking

1.3. Large energy production

1.3.1. All organic waste → biogas

1.3.2. Biogas plant

1.3.3. Biogas

1.3.4. Use ocean water for cooling "central hubs" that transfers it.

1.3.5. Using waves to "harvest" energy

1.3.6. Use seawater for cooling/heating

1.3.7. Wave/tide facility (Baltic sea)

1.3.8. Geothermal energy

1.3.9. Only using district heating or solar power for heating

1.3.10. Constant improvements of wind power

1.3.11. Heat through trash burning

1.4. Energy saving

1.4.1. Optimize insulation in all houses

1.4.2. Lights self turned off

1.4.3. Elevator free days

1.4.4. Timer for all public buildings

1.4.5. Working from home days

1.4.6. Green roofs

1.4.7. Improve Building insulation

1.4.8. Optimal temperature education/consulting

1.4.9. Appliances renewal campaign

1.4.10. Store cantina & lunch food outside from Dec - April

1.4.11. Switch off lights automatically during off hours

1.4.12. Slippers (sutsko) & sweaters for all employees

1.4.13. "Black days" No light on between 8 & 8

1.4.14. Green buildings

1.4.15. Energy saving light-bulbs

1.4.16. Best business ranking - Energy champion

1.4.17. Smart buildings with movement detectors

1.4.18. insulated all homes with natural substance to reduce energy need

1.4.19. Reevaluate public lights

1.4.20. Renew a& optimize electricity grid

1.5. Motivation

1.5.1. Tax benefits for Self sufficient business

1.5.2. Wind energy as public income

1.5.3. Energy saving competition for public buildings

1.5.4. Make sustainable energy production public

1.5.5. Yearly event - technological innovation.

1.5.6. Halogen free cables for high-voltage infrastructure

1.5.7. Free Energy efficiency consulting for business & the general public

1.5.8. Minimize public energy consumption

1.5.9. Smart energy clusters for organizations

1.5.10. Yearly Update of BAT

2. Transport

2.1. Changing fuels (fossil --> renewable)

2.1.1. forbide the use fossil fuel driven vehicles on the island

2.1.2. The municipality only purchase electric cars

2.1.3. Transportation of consumer goods within the municipality is by electric veichels

2.2. Improving city planning to reduce needs for public transport and mobility

2.2.1. move consumtion, waste, public health institutions closer to people

2.2.2. Locate elder housing next to public institutions

2.2.3. Walk-able city center & comfortable sidewalks

2.3. Ideas to reduce the municipal workers need for transportation

2.3.1. Work from home

2.3.2. More online meetings and webinars

2.3.3. Install a shower at the work place

2.4. Ideas to reduce the municipal services need for transportation

2.4.1. Compost organic waste in neighborhood gardens

2.4.2. Promote local production & consumtion of Food & Goods

2.5. Optimizing transport infrastructures

2.5.1. Optimize Bike laines

2.5.2. Optimize routes to minimize unnecessary travels

2.5.3. Invest in a tramway

2.5.4. Invest in electrical refill stations for cars& bikes

2.5.5. bike parking

2.6. Partnerships

2.6.1. Industry collaboration - public transport use

2.6.2. Fast bus lanes to the work areas

2.6.3. Promote electric buses (patnership with Lanstyrelssen)

2.6.4. Competition with Mörbilanga

2.7. Free stuff

2.7.1. Free public transport

2.7.2. Free rental bikes

2.8. Changing transport behaviors

2.8.1. reduce the parking space

2.8.2. reintroduce animal traction

2.8.3. Algee lights on roads - promote walk and bike

2.8.4. give free gym membership to all employees

2.8.5. Make a marathon in öland

2.8.6. Give rollerblades and bicycles to all municipal workers living max 5km away.

2.8.7. Make a bike challenge for municipal employees (model in Lulea)

2.8.8. Make a campaign for biking and walking to work among municipal employees

2.8.9. promote travel by bike or bus to school

2.8.10. Deduce biking travel time from working hours

2.8.11. Car free sundays!

2.8.12. Competition between employees on who walks the most

2.9. Link between Borgholm and the main land

2.9.1. Break the current bridge

2.9.2. Build a second bridge from Borgholm to the main land

2.9.3. Rebuilding the bridge to be able to fit a train line between Kalmar and Borgholm

2.9.4. Free busline between Kalmar and Borgholm (making it attractive and easy to come to Borgholm both for businesses and tourists)

3. Internal Barries

3.1. People

3.1.1. invite more public officials to Agenda 21 group

3.1.2. Agenda 21 - collaborate with politicians a employees around Oland

3.1.3. The politicians of Öland woks togehter in every sustainability question

3.1.4. Politicians are accessible to the public and stand behind the municipal action plans

3.1.5. buddy's at work

3.2. social

3.2.1. Pjamas days

3.2.2. Politicians send aweekley message to employees and public

3.2.3. Daily meetings within administration for information sharing and improvment ideas sharing

3.2.4. dress up days

3.2.5. Puppy room

3.2.6. all municipal staff have Lunch together

3.2.7. have weekly meeting between administrations

3.2.8. Blind date lunch across departments

3.2.9. team building workshops

3.3. Education

3.3.1. Share articles about leadership & sustainability

3.3.2. Fiealdtrips to energy plants, waste management etc.

3.3.3. Sustinability trainings

3.3.4. Sharing experience with other municipalities about sustainablity

3.3.5. Educate in ergonomics ans buy new furnitures if needed

3.3.6. All politicians must have a 3 year education from collage or batchelor degree minimum

3.3.7. Peter Senge lectures

3.3.8. Invite Speakers from successfull projects in other municipalities

3.3.9. The entire municipality is educated in LEAN

3.3.10. Partnership with BTH and other institutes

3.3.11. All staff in the municipality knows about the vision and stretch goals

3.3.12. support employees for external Education programs

3.3.13. Educate all employees on sustainability and the vision of borgholm

3.4. Documentation

3.4.1. ABCD with each department to make plans

3.4.2. Newsletter/feed on progress for the vision

3.4.3. Public progress plans & politicians responible

3.4.4. Idea box for dep. managers/ for politicians

3.4.5. The public servens have a constant improvment objective that the politicians must read

3.4.6. Message runners/drivers

3.4.7. clear actionplan including trading, responible and budget, media

3.4.8. Quarter/biannual reports on progress of plans

3.5. Structure

3.5.1. Online platform for idea generating & sharing

3.5.2. Change agenda 21 group. include non-politicians

3.5.3. Change internal structure fos sustainablity to have own departments CSO

3.5.4. Give the environmental departement last say in decisions

3.6. Working

3.6.1. bugdet planning cross departemetns

3.6.2. Monthly chack-ins across departements

3.6.3. Be a politician for a day

3.6.4. 1 day off to do good work for society (volunteering)

3.6.5. Survey to consult Municipal employees.

3.6.6. Improve Follow up on action plans