Copy of science

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Copy of science by Mind Map: Copy of science

1. chemistry

1.1. C1

1.1.1. atoms

1.1.2. crude oil hydrocarbons polymers

1.1.3. acids metals rocks

1.1.4. bonds

1.2. C2

1.3. C3

2. phisics

2.1. P1

2.1.1. energy efficiency

2.1.2. types of energy renewable energy bad good non renewable good bad

2.1.3. electrical energy distribution and voltage power lines transformers

2.1.4. Waves electromagnetic the spectrum the uses general behaviour types of wave measurement behave! sound pitch and loudness What? the doppler and red/blue shift red shift the doppler

2.1.5. the universe the big bang expansion

2.1.6. Energy

2.2. P2

2.2.1. forces and motion intro resultant forces elasticity how objects are affected maths distance, speed, and velocity distance speed velocity acceleration maths friction (slowing and stopping stopping distances

2.2.2. electrics and circuits resistance(is futile) LDR thermistors fuses voltage, current and resistance

2.2.3. stars llife cycle nebula

2.2.4. atoms and radiation ionisation types of radiation fission or fusion

2.3. P3

2.3.1. electric and magnetism magnetic field field around wire relays field around magnet circuit breaker motors transformers step up step down calculations how it works switch mode transformers

2.3.2. moments

2.3.3. momentum

2.3.4. circular motion

2.3.5. light and lenses

3. biology

3.1. B1

3.1.1. chapter one slimming plans they are all fads diet and exersize healthy diet metabolic rate food lifestyle disease defence how we become ill white blood cells immunity vaccinations pathogens antibiotics

3.1.2. chapter 2 nerves sensory relay motor Homeostasis hormones animals Plants

3.1.3. chapter 3. drugs

3.2. B2

3.2.1. chapter 1 part 1: animal and plant cells different kinds of cells diffusion

3.2.2. chapter 2 part 1: organ-isation organise part 2: plant organs organ morgan different plant organs

3.2.3. chapter 3 part 1: plant photosynth CO2 + H2O-->glucose + O2 glucose limit factors

3.3. B3

3.3.1. chapter 1 part 1: diffusion osmosis and active trasnport diffusion osmosis active transport ventalation

3.3.2. chapter 2 part 2: hearts and circulation The heart broken heart? blood vessels fixing blood vessels mechy heart vs transplant blood

3.3.3. chapter 3 part 1: waste urea kidneys