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“In Search of the Pot of Gold” by Mind Map: “In Search of the Pot of Gold”
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“In Search of the Pot of Gold”

Jacob Gelt Dekker



story of Gerrit

like mr Erasmus

paid with his freedom

like Theo, paid with his life

Gabriel DaCosta

coverted to Judaism

Thesis: found out Life after death a new concept

we never believed in life after death, condemmed to death

from Portugal


we are God, I am God, Down to deepest of my soul

condemned to eternity, 4 u


vice can be virtue


u r sitting here in freedom

fight to keep it

looking 4 a guru?

won't find it

only u can act

don't create your own demon's

catch your lepracon

unify with your own self - pot of gold - fantastic power, 'capital' NOT money

don't, hesitate, have fear


allow yourself

most succesful species

never before, never so much opportunities

i am trhilled to witness

you will become so succesful

wish you a great joy!

we can talk about this in total freedom

why here?