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“PIG 05049” by Mind Map: “PIG 05049”
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“PIG 05049”

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Overview of all talks

made this because we need to know more of the stories behind the products

internal organs


membrem heart valve

not assoc. with pigs!

and on and on and on

not only dog and cat food also pig! food

anti wrinkle cream ?

renewable energy

1st chapter

showing products

ie sweets using pig fat to give it substance

also, vanilla pudding, ice cream, tiramisu, cheese cake, low fat butter, milk long storage, beer (gross), fruit juice, wine

technical gelitine spunges

even in bullets

gelitine to transport gunpowder into the bullit

many more products

all bodyparts

137 kg

back of the book

once slaughtered


subtitle 1 to 1

scale of photgraphs

present book today

u never see a pig in the netherlands

2.2 million here

container of lost luggage

Christien Meindertsma