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“Breakthroughs and transformations” by Mind Map: “Breakthroughs
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“Breakthroughs and transformations”


somebody needs that wave of change in the right direction

formal leader, city politicians

informal leaders, look ordinary but r extraordinary, Carmen, raped over and over, HIV, peer educator, right to say no, New node

former leaders, amazing luxury; power but no reelections

we can all make a difference but not on our own

need many many many drops of water

must be pragmatic

u have to believe that the impossible is possible

dream of change is possible

look at Bosnia

5 elemnets to create succes

lights r flikkering

my field doesn't work


promotion of human rights

Poverty alleviation

diff way to achieve a breakthrough than my field

light bulb moments

tom tom no more husband and wife quarral

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Mabel van Oranje

The Elders



everything must be quick?

not this kind of change

where this leave all of us

I don't need to tell you the big challenges

each and 1 of us can make the difference, give, time

impossible = possible, pleasure find other change agents

I would love to work together