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Profile Page by Mind Map: Profile Page


1.1. Basic Information

1.1.1. Full Name visible/hidden to everyone

1.1.2. Username

1.1.3. User Rating

1.1.4. Photo

1.1.5. Profile

1.1.6. Description

1.1.7. Country Geolocation (map)

1.1.8. URLs Website url Organization url Blog url

1.2. Updates (Wall)

1.2.1. Publish update to profile page

1.2.2. publish to twitter/facebook

1.3. Friends

1.3.1. View friend Profile Add as a friend

1.3.2. Services Curateng Friends (internal) Twitter Followers Facebook Friends LinkedIn Contacts Orkut Friends

1.3.3. Add/remove/configure a Service Twitter Facebook LinkedIN Orkut Else?

1.4. User Packages

1.4.1. Single Package if user has access Organize packages Edit package Delete Package View Add to favorite Share Email Twitter Facebook Publish on my blog

1.4.2. Settings Show more/less Show/hide packages preview from Profile page add/remove package from Packages preview

2. Toolbar

2.1. Easy access to services

2.1.1. Twitter

2.1.2. Facebook

2.1.3. LinkedIn

2.1.4. Add a service (+ button)

2.2. Title

2.2.1. Curator

2.2.2. Publisher

2.2.3. Journalist

2.2.4. Editor

2.2.5. Else?..

2.3. Options

2.3.1. if user has access Edit profile

2.3.2. Else ADD AS FRIEND


3.1. Service API

3.1.1. Facebook Latest Updates Pictures Videos Fan Page Groups Events Friends

3.1.2. Twitter Latest Updates Search columns (from tweetdeck) Mentions Followers Following Lists (Member of?)

3.1.3. LinkedIn Latest update Groups and Associations Group name/description Public Profile Summary Experience Education Recommended by

3.1.4. Blogs Wordpress Latest Posts Blogger Latest Posts Else?

3.1.5. Google Youtube Videos Add video to Profile Remove a Video from profile Google Docs Add document to profile Remove a Document Google Wave My Public Waves Google Reader Options Orkut Friends Latest Updates Photos Videos Events Groups

3.1.6. Flickr My photos Photostream