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"Towards a circular economy” by Mind Map: "Towards a circular
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"Towards a circular economy”

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Prof. dr. Louise E.M. Vet

Director Netherlands Institute of Ecology

most valuable experience of today

personal hygiene

circular economy

sick of fin crisis

system crisis

wrong usage of planet

we use to many resources

destroying ecosystems

needed for


animals etc

rest of world love western standards

energy is a choice

oil is a political choice


is now lineair

get it out of your brain

loss fossil fuel


cotton in mobile phone

copper, prices boom, now they drop

political agenda


is being mined

70 / 80 years left

prices are booming


make events out of ecology


there is no waste in nature, cradle2cradle concept, dont make it waste

make products out of processes

pigfarms, minerials, co2, algea, provide it to them



energy comes from sun, sun is available for energy, New node

uranium is ending

livesience, is leading, micro algea

artificial leaves

improve photosyntens

engineers can fix problems

biological organisms

make energy out of plants


New node

New node