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“DESERTS – the global powerhouse of the future?” by Mind Map: “DESERTS – the global
powerhouse of the future?”
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“DESERTS – the global powerhouse of the future?”

Dr. Gerhard Knies

President DESERTEC

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president DESERTEC

global powerhouse of the future

time is over

that 1 nation can benefit of others

people grow together

global change

important driver

make impossible possible

New node

collision course with earth

embrasse this treath

new security guideline


global powerhouse




energy is important

limit popilation growth

make more water

need more food

irrigate land

climate stability

global justice


limiting for pop growth


global collaboration is needed

how much power do you need


12 solar collectors

12000 megawatt

it takes 6 hrs

to prove 1 year energy consumption

1% of useful desert

power brought by a HVDC supergrid

New node

generatie solarpower

generate heat (store)

day & night solar power

cooling, evaporate water, recondse it in fresh water


make use of different techniques

desert power





can protect us

can help us

a start has been made

how to implement

financial support

New node

climate change

Western World use lots of energy compared to rest of world

africa asia and autralia should work together

make clever aliances

lower initiation costs

New node

we can make it work