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“Learning to kiss” by Mind Map: “Learning to kiss”
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“Learning to kiss”

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Overview of all talks

professional live

producer of idols

stars are born

Fremantle Media

Blue Circle

TV producer

ie boer zoekt vrouw

high risk programmes



production companies

spefic target groups, male, young, demographics

amount of eyeballs



ie, superbowl, huge amounts of money, for ads, 3 mln dollar for 30 sec commericial

audience segments

study demographics

digitally perfected

target on your audience

mass audience mainstream kiss

no television programmes for people without interesting demographics

it is like learning to kiss

mmmmpuuhh isssshh

just try it

don't be afraid...

difference is difference

our comminality unites us

we have many things in common

more united by our differences than our similarities

business model

for entertainment for people who experience things different

function of art is showing difference

differences are connecting us

you make the difference

why is difference deviance

Gary Carter