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“Why not eat insects?” by Mind Map: “Why not eat insects?”
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“Why not eat insects?”

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Prof. dr. Marcel Dicke

why not eat insects


6 mln species

of insects

80% walks on 6 legs

insects are dominant species calculated by biomass

were on earth of insects


were before us

and will be after us

insects contributes to us economy

benefit of €57 bln per annum

the remove our poo

controlling pests

avoid pest

food for animals

provide food them

takes care for sex for plants

instects could be food for humans

around the world its on the menu

everyone eats like

500 grams of insetcs a day



tomato soup

everything processed contains insects

dutch like

pink cookies

died with instect product

cochineal, 1 gram of cochineal is 40 dollars, e120

we're eating

we re eating more insects

expect 10 bln people

increase agriculture production

need 70% more food



New node


1 we eat to much meat

problems, health danger, pig disease

2 conversion factor

3 environment

less poo, less greenhouse products

4 food value



low calorie

why not eat insects

livestock takes up 70% of agriculture land

cannot be increased much more

80% of people eat insetcs

its a delicacy

insects are just the shrimp of the land

get used to the idea

for instance local produces locuss

innovative entrepreneurs

produce fror himan consumption

festival wageningen

774 people

eat insects

you can eat them today

they are preparred, special organization, BUG, teamed up with, strawberries, chocolate

eating instects will be come a necessity to sustain intake of proteine as food

since we cannot grow the livestock production any further