Al. Applications on Campus

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Al. Applications on Campus by Mind Map: Al. Applications on Campus

1. Recycling

1.1. Close gap in Aluminum recycling rate on and around campus

1.2. identify and locate all aluminum used and disposed of (i.e., cans, foil, light fixtures etc.)

1.3. implement program to target aluminum

1.3.1. employ PSU recycling program

1.3.2. specific collection service going TO student to collect aluminum

1.3.3. Rewards system

1.4. collection bins like "Terracycle"

1.5. Teaming with an experienced Aluminum Handler to move to more recyclable aluminum products in the food sector (cans, foils, packaging) and installing mainly aluminum infrastructure.

2. Campus Renovations

2.1. Many projects going on around campus

2.1.1. Happening now

2.1.2. Planned Because the projects are drawn out (the next master construction plan going from 2014-2018) aluminum should gradually be worked into each of the renovation to whatever extent possible.

2.2. Put committee/team in charge of recycling materials efficiently and properly

2.3. Look to incorporate structural Aluminum, architectural Aluminum, and Aluminum trim/fixture

2.4. LEED certify constructions leading to:

2.4.1. tax deductions and rebates

2.4.2. longer lasting

3. Property of Reflection

3.1. ~Reflect sunlight into areas where it cannot reach

3.1.1. dorms

3.1.2. classrooms

3.1.3. struggling grassy areas

3.2. ~Use for Heating and Cooling

3.2.1. transferring the sunlight inside for heat; using sunlight for energy

3.2.2. keeping sunlight from heating up roofs

3.3. Putting Aluminum sheets in light fixtures to reflect light from bulbs (saving electricity)

3.4. Using as interior wall cover to have more continuous light in indoor spaces

4. Siding

4.1. to increase core ventilation

4.2. to reduce maintainance

4.3. to improve aesthetics

4.4. to lower cost of construction

5. Products Designed for Disassembly

5.1. Furniture

5.2. Use in ways where repossession is easy

5.2.1. siding

5.2.2. piping

5.2.3. door and window framing

5.2.4. railings

5.3. In building design make the recyclable aluminum accessible after use

6. Property of Corrosion Resistance

6.1. outdoor tables and benches