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Change Models by Mind Map: Change Models
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Change Models

SCM- Stages of Change Model


Ignoring that a change is needed.


Realizing that there is a problem but still not ready for a change.


Creating a plan to correct the problem.


Following through with the plan that was created to change the behavior.


Continuing to practice changed behaviors.


Going back to your old ways.

Lewin's Theory

1. Disconfirmation

All learning begins with some dissatisfaction.

2.Guilt and/or Anxiety

Realizing that one is unhappy because of the behavior.


Feeling safe or confiedent enough to make a change.

4. Cognition


Imitating a role model.

6. Scanning

Exploring your options to obtaining change.

7. Refreezing

Making the new habits, premanent habits.


1. Urgency

Create motivation for change.

2. Coalition

Create a group of supporters of the change.

3. Vision

Create a forefront for the change, give it represntation.

4. Communicate

Spread the idea of the change to others intended to be involved.

5. Obstacles

Remove all obsticles in the way of change. Including people.

6. Goals

Create smaller obtainable goals in the correct direction of change.

7. Build

Use the change as new motivation to continue on your new path.

8. Anchor

Make the changes a new part of the scaffolding in the company.