Trees of North Carolina

Lesson 4 Beverly, Ashley, Susan, Stacey

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Trees of North Carolina by Mind Map: Trees of North Carolina

1. 1. Social Studies

1.1. Students had a previous lesson where they had to identify a dogwood tree and a pine tree. Students will identify other tress that grow in North Carolina using an advanced google search.

2. 2. Reading

2.1. Students will read The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree by Gloria Houston. The setting takes place in the Appalachian Mountains.

3. 3. Writing

3.1. Students will write a descriptive paragraph from their "perfect" North Carolina tree. They will upload their picture of their NC tree on Voice Thread. The students will also record their descriptive paragraph too.

4. 4. Assessment

4.1. Students will be assessed on their descriptive paragraph.

5. 5. Blog

5.1. Students will respond to a blog.