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My New Mind Map


Type of software

Made to infect other peoples computer

Doesn't need a person's permission in order to activate itself

Usually designed to cause your computer to run slow

Some can re-install itself even after you think you have completely removed it

It can multiply

Much more easier to get it then to get rid of it

Just like a virus, in the sense that it infects your computer, but malware doesn't need you to "open it", it automatically does it.

How To Prevent Malware

Make your computer notify you every time, a program is trying to be downloaded onto your computer

Have a anti-virus program installed onto your computer

Install a pop-up blocker

Don't download programs or software from unknown sites, chances are they contain malware

Be careful when you are sharing your files with others

Read the fine print on what you are downloading

How People Get Malware

Usually comes in a bundle with other programs

Internet Security

Includes personal information

Always keep it to yourself

Don't share it with anyone

Involves the protection of a computer and it's information to unknown users

Basic Security: Choosing a strong password, changing file permissions, and having a backup or a computer's data

When have accounts such as e-mail, or online banking, or ebay accounts for example, make sure to choose a strong password

Virus + Worm


Nowadays, countries such as China and Russia are recruiting young hackers

A trojan horse can be sold for $400-$1000