Legalizing Same Sex Adoption

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Legalizing Same Sex Adoption by Mind Map: Legalizing Same Sex Adoption

1. Cons/Disadvantages

1.1. Legal implications

1.1.1. "Separate, but Equal" standing in the law

1.1.2. Re-writing laws to be gender neutral

1.2. Social implications

1.2.1. Religious pushback

1.2.2. Creation of a different family structure

1.2.3. Potential for abuse of social systems

1.2.4. Children of same sex parents will grow up to be LGBTQ+

1.3. Individual implications

1.3.1. Same sex parents cannot provide both gendered role models.

1.3.2. Families headed by same sex parents may face discrimination and prejudice

1.3.3. Unnatural upbringing for children

2. Pros/Advantages

2.1. Legal implications

2.1.1. Fulfill equality for all, regardless of sexual orientation

2.1.2. Pave the way for more inclusive laws

2.2. Social implications

2.2.1. Be a role model for other countries across the globe

2.2.2. Legitimize same sex relationships

2.2.3. More homes for children in the foster/adoptive care system

2.2.4. Relief of the burden on taxpayers

2.3. Individual implications

2.3.1. Provide a safe, loving home for children within the system

2.3.2. Give financial, physical, and emotional stability to children