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IT sector by Mind Map: IT sector
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IT sector



3D animation

Fluid simulation for visual effects in the multimedia industry

Image synthesis and visualization


Fields of application, Environmental sector, Health sector, Satellite images


Real images

Real time




Audiovisual indexing

Virtual reality

Visual representation of data


Computer Vision

Semantic Web

Quality / Sécurity

Increase IT security through analysis of data transferred over the Internet

Securing Internet content as well as its access

Sound / Voice

Emotion recognition

Sound adaptation (aid, assistance, measure)

Speaker recognition

Voice activity detection



Correction and enhancement of video sequences

Objective measurement of visual quality

Parallel programming on GPU

Processing, Compression, Transcoding

Video security

Data (analysis, management, modeling)

Biomarker for scanned documents

Dynamic data analysis

Big data analysis

Classification, archiving, automatic identification

Data and text mining

Digital Image processing

Document analysis

Document interpretation

Recognition of cursive, handwriting wrinting and feature extraction

Graphical representation of data

Information management

Indexing data

Information architecture, ontology, semantic


Reuse of product development information

Securing content and its access

Suppression of engineering drawings


Face recognition

Signature checking

Speech recognition

Active biometrics

Intra-auricular interface

Speaker recognition

Researchers and departments involved


Department of Automated Production

Department of Software and IT


Number of researchers "Core": 18 (researchers who have this area as a central research theme)

Number of researchers "No Core": 11 (researchers who participate in research projects may be related to this topic)

Chairs and research units

Research chairs

Chair in the Study of Adaptive and Evolutionary Monitoring Systems in Dynamic Environments

Chair on Shared Cloud Computing and Intelligent Applications

Vantrix Industrial Chair in Video Optimization

Accredited research units

LIVIA – Imaging, Vision and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Recognized research units

GELOG – Software Engineering Research Laboratory

LABMULTIMEDIA – Multimedia Research Laboratory

SYNCHROMÉDIA – Multimedia Communication in Telepresence

Smart systems

Adaptive systems

Artificial intelligence

Artificial neural networks

Evolutionary computation

Learning algorithms

Multiple classifications systems

Pattern recognition



Analysis of specifications and functional and non-functional requirements

Architecture and software design

Cloud computing, Hadoop, Management, Security

Green IT, Optimization of energy consumption in the cloud and virtualization environments, Quantification of reducing carbon emissions, Reducing carbon emissions through the use of cloud computing and virtualization, Sustainable devlopment Telco Cloud

Integration of non-communicating software

Internet of things


Open software






Assessment of migration cost

Benchmarking of softwares

Cost optimization of the software

Development and deployment of software

Environment for service creation

Evaluation of software solutions on the market

IT for education and learning

IT outsourcing

Project management, Audit, Estimation and management of software projects, Maturity models, Risk analysis, Software measures


Best practices in business

ISO standards (quality assessment of software product)

Modeling of IT applications in business

Optimizing the reliability of embedded systems

Quality assurance

Quality engineering for computer systems

Verification and validation (reducing faults)



Intrusion and malware detection in smartphones

Intrusion detection in computer networks

Mechanisms to enhance the security of embedded systems

Policies and IT Security

Security against malware for battery powered systems

Security for RFID technology

Security infrastructure of telecommunications networks

Security of cloud computing

Worms and viruses