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Combustion, Motorization, Engine

Cybernetic Transport System (Serpentine)

Diesel & Biodiesel

Direct injection engines

Exhaust emissions

Hybrid vehicles (PHEV, V2G)

propane engines

Spray & Jet Fuel

Turbines (biogas)

Energy efficiency

Artificial intelligence systems of building control

Building energy simulations

Building envelope (i.e. insulation)

Calibration of building energy simulations

Carbon market, carbon footprint of companies and organizations (public and private)

Electricity / lighting (LED, etc.).

Energy efficiency in buildings

Energy efficient design (novoclimat, LEED).

Heating / air conditioning

Liquid effluents and air (energy recovery)

Measurement and analysis of emissions from various energy sources

Optimization and energy analysis (buildings, equipment, machinery, processes)

Refocusing ("commissioning") continuous of mechanical systems

Sensors / Instrumentation

Power Electronics

Controls and instrumentation

Converting electrical energy

electrical machinery


High Voltage

Lossless switching

Power discharge lamps (Laser, neon, LED, etc ...)

Power semiconductor (IGBT, MCT, etc.).

Real-time simulation of power systems

static converters

Supply at very high frequency

Researchers and departments involved


Department of construction

Department of Electrical

Department of Mechanical

Department of Software and IT


Number of researchers "Core": 12 (researchers who have this area as a central research theme)

Number of researchers "No Core": 21 (researchers who participate in research projects may be related to this topic)

Chairs and research units

Research chairs

Industrial Research Chair in Technologies of Energy and Energy Efficiency – T3E

Hydro-Québec/TransÉnergie Chair on Simulation and Control of Electric Power System

Canada Research Chair on Electrical Energy Conversion and Power Electronics

Chair in Biofuel Combustion for Transport

Accredited research units

GREPCI – Power Electronics and Industrial Control Research Group

Research units recognized

CTT – Thermal Technology Centre

NEAT – Research Laboratory on the Nordic Environment Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines

Alternative & renewable energy sources

Bioenergy (gas, liquid, solid)


Hybrid systems (combination of focile energy sources)

Hydrogen fuel cell

Phase change energy storage


electromagnetic radiation

Solar radiation

Power Quality


hydraulic behavior

hydrological modeling


Tree yields mechanical transmission

Wind turbine


composite structure

Power electronics (DFIG, PMSG and SCIG)

Thermal energy


Energy analysis

Exhaust emissions



Generation, distribution & transport of electricity

Micro-grid (renewable energy, fossil fuels)

Distributed networks: connecting different energy sources to the grid

Distribution systems (underground cables, transformers)

Electricity transport

Generation by combustion

Hydropower generation


Hydraulic turbines

Implantation (Hydrology, hydrogeology, geotechnical, seismic protection, etc.)

Icing of transport and distribution lines

Quality of power supply (active filters, shunt, series and hybrid)

Simulation of real-time network (FACTS)

Voltage stability of power systems (flow loop, sharing, transits, harmonics, damping control)