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Composite materials


Analysis of real structures

Design and manufacturing

Mechanical behavior

Shaping and welding of thermoplastic composites

Automatic fiber placement


Dynamic accuracy




Reduction of the ecological footprint

Composites and Nanocomposites (including natural fibers, nanoclays , polyhydroxyalkanoates )

Generation of machining and manufacturing lines

High-performance removal of materials

Manufacturing processes , machining, assembly and high performance processing

Additive Manufacturing

Generation of machining lines / manufacturing

High-performance removal of materials

Surface treatment

welding , shaping

Plasma surface treatment

Hydrophobization cellulosic surfaces (inert and organic materials)

Hydrophobization of surfaces

Service behavior



Fatigue analysis

Residual stresses

Seams and joints

Tribology / Rheology

Shaping of metal , exotic materials and non-metallic

Hot spinning


Process simulation (FEM, cellular automata, self- consistent models)

Stainless steel, porous metals, cellulose nanocrystals , smart materials & polymers

Additive Manufacturing ( polymers , metals , ceramics )

Biodegradable hydrocarbon polymers and biopolymers, cellulose nanocrystals

Porous metals

Smart materials, Shape memory alloys, Hydrorheologic fluids, Magnetorheological fluids, Nanomaterials

Stainless steel

Test, Contrôle & Validation

3D Metrology & Propagation of uncertainties

Automated Inspection (imaging, vision, artificial intelligence, pattern recognition)

Health monitoring

In-situ inspection

Non-destructive testing standard and non-standard



Research units and chairs

Research chairs

Canada Research Chair in Precision Robotics

Industrial Research Chair in Forming Technologies of High-Strength Alloys

Certified research units

DYNAMO – Research Laboratory in Machine, Process and Structural Dynamics

GREPCI – Power Electronics and Industrial Control Research Group

LIPPS – Products, Processes and Systems Engineering Laboratory

Recognized research units

CoRo – Control and Robotics Laboratory

LAMSI – Shape Memory Alloys and Intelligent Systems Laboratory

LFCMC – Composite Materials Manufacturing and Characterization Laboratory

LITP – Production Technologies Integration Laboratory

LOPFA – Optimization of Aerospace Manufacturing Processes Laboratory

NUMERIX – Organizational Engineering Research Laboratory for the Digital Enterprise

Sustainable supply chain

Design and planning of sustainable supply chains

Green logistics

Human and environmental impacts

Manufacturing networks and smart services

Process reengineering

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Simulation and optimization of manufacturing systems

New technologies for efficiency in manufacturing

Advanced Digital tools for design and manufacturing

Highly Productive Digital engineering (4D CAD & Knowledge Management)

Plagiarism Detector for CFAO

Lean manufacturing

Industrial statistics

Analysis and process optimization

Process optimization

Zero waste

Modeling & simulation

Inspection systems


Business process


Manufacturing processes

Multiphysics processes

Smart systems

Adaptive systems

Artificial intelligence

Artificial neural networks

Evolutionary computation

Learning algorithms

Multiple classifications systems

Pattern recognition

High performance robotics


Control by iterative learning

Parallel positioning systems

Manufacturing productivity

Design, modeling and analysis of hydraulic & pneumatic systems

In-situ inspection and quality control, Non-destructive testing, non-standard and standard, Artificial Intelligence, 3D metrology, Image processing, pattern recognition, artificial vision

Intelligent control of electrical drives and high precision robots

Methods optimization

Predictive maintenance

Process characterization

Mechatronics and haptic systems

Haptic devices

Physical interaction between humans and robots

Sensor technologies

Parallel robotics

Development of simulation software

Mechanical design

Robot dynamic precision

Compensating trajectories

Robot calibration