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Mechanical systems

Assembly modeling & behavior


Electro-Hydraulic controls

Ergonomics and acoustics

Gears & powertrain

Heat transfer modeling & analysis

Hydraulic systems (Braking & Suspension)

Pneumatic systems

Seals & joints

Vehicle system dynamics (simulation, surfaces interactions, driver considerations, collision detection)

Vibrations & diagnosis

Embedded systems

Communication Systems

Controls and "Drive-by-wire"

Integrated circuits

Mechanisms to enhance the safety

Mechanisms to enhance the security of embedded systems

Optimization of the embedded systems reliability

Verification and validation (lower IT faults)

Wireless Sensor Network

Infrastructures (Bridges & roads)

Asphalt, colored and recycled hydrocarbon binders and service behavior

Behavior of urban infrastructure

Cybernetic transportation system (Serpentine)

Design & sizing

Facilities and management of urban and road infrastructure

Geotechnical and structural behavior of under land facilities

Impacts of road network (environment & human)

Promotion and protection of structures

Road safety

Seismic vulnerability of bridges

Transport systems for the smart city

Use of composite materials for the strengthening

Advanced material science

Composites and Nanocomposites (including natural fibers, nanoclays, polyhydroxyalkanoates)

Environmental impact of materials & processes

Hydrocarbon polymers and biodegradable biopolymers, nanocrystals cellulose

in-Service Material Behavior

Material transformation processes

Metallic, non-metallic & exotic material forming

Plasma surface treatment

Porous metals

Smart materials


Alternative fuels

Combustion (direct injection, diesel, biodiesel and alcohol)

Fuel cells

Hybrid Vehicles

Polluting emissions

Propane engines

Spray & Jet Fuel