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Health Care by Mind Map: Health Care
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Health Care


Population is over 8 million. More than half are children under 18 years old.

Only 12 Practicing pediatricians in all of Rwanda.

Untreated Rheumatic fever and Rheumatic heart disease. (RF/RHD)

No resources or infrastructure to treat strep throat early nor when it is serious


A quarter of Haiti's children suffer from Chronic Malnutrition

The Problems

The 5 common and eminently preventable conditions:

The Solutions

5 Simple affordable remedies


Create a Heart Institute

Establishing a comprehensive training program

Developing educational models

Put the clinical tools into the hands of Rwandans to run a self sustaining Cardiac Surgery Program

Transforming Rwanda into the epicenter of life-saving pediatric cardiology in this area


Working aggressively on health care program

Partner in Health (PIH) treats acutely malnourished children in a 2009 project