Health Care

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Health Care by Mind Map: Health Care

1. Rwanda

1.1. Population is over 8 million. More than half are children under 18 years old.

1.2. Only 12 Practicing pediatricians in all of Rwanda.

1.3. Untreated Rheumatic fever and Rheumatic heart disease. (RF/RHD)

1.3.1. Affected 2.4 million children between the age of 4 to 15

1.3.2. In Sub-Sahara africa alone,nearly 1 million children are affected

1.3.3. Death sentence for most Rwandan children

1.4. No resources or infrastructure to treat strep throat early nor when it is serious

2. Haiti

2.1. A quarter of Haiti's children suffer from Chronic Malnutrition

2.1.1. Stunts growth and causes long term development damage.

2.1.2. Predisposes children Diarrheal Illness

2.1.3. Bacterial Infections

2.1.4. Physical stunting

2.1.5. Intellectual impairment

2.1.6. Death

3. The Problems

3.1. The 5 common and eminently preventable conditions:

3.1.1. Pneumonia

3.1.2. Diarrhea

3.1.3. Malaria

3.1.4. Measles

3.1.5. Malnutrition

4. The Solutions

4.1. 5 Simple affordable remedies

4.1.1. Vaccinations

4.1.2. Bednets

4.1.3. Food

4.1.4. Clean drinking water

4.1.5. Antibiotics

5. Rwanda

5.1. Create a Heart Institute

5.2. Establishing a comprehensive training program

5.3. Developing educational models

5.4. Put the clinical tools into the hands of Rwandans to run a self sustaining Cardiac Surgery Program

5.5. Transforming Rwanda into the epicenter of life-saving pediatric cardiology in this area

6. Haiti

6.1. Working aggressively on health care program

6.2. Partner in Health (PIH) treats acutely malnourished children in a 2009 project

6.2.1. Therapeutic food (Nourimanba)

6.2.2. Nourimil

6.2.3. $149,845 short of meeting goal to cover expenses for project