What I do to make my SEO client HAPPY

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What I do to make my SEO client HAPPY by Mind Map: What I do  to make my SEO client HAPPY

1. Thematic link development for authority achievement

1.1. following proven process

1.2. delivering personalized report

1.3. letting watch my working progress in real time

2. Content creation/optimization for better user experience

2.1. creating content inventory, hierarchy, structure

2.2. focusing on user, not search engine for overall messaging

2.3. realizing personalization and targeting

3. Social media integration to engage with customers

3.1. helping to build Social Media Policy & Guidelines

3.2. inspiring to creativelly make connections

3.3. focusing on communication, not strategy

4. Learn in project progress

4.1. sharing ressources, templates, articles

4.2. co-working to co-create documentation

4.3. highlighting valuable aspects