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Business Model You by Mind Map: Business Model You
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Business Model You

Diagnosis Qs


KR& KA: Who you are and what yo have. What you do

C: Who you help

V: How you help

Ch: How They Know You and How You Deliver

CR: How you interact

KP: Who helps you

R&B: What you get

Co: What you give


Helps you define and modify the way you engage your strengths and talents to grow personally and professionally

Because they can’t change the environment they operate in, companies must change their business models (and sometimes create new ones) in order to remain competitive.

You, like many companies, are affected by environmental and economic factors beyond your control.

Business Model Canvas



Differences BMG/BMY

BMY: Key Resource is you: your interests, skills and abilities, personality, and the assets you own or control. BMG: Key Resources often include a broader range of resources, such as other people.

BMY: unquantifiable “soft” Costs (such as stress) and “soft” Benefits (such as satisfaction). BMG: generally considers only monetary Costs and Benefits.

BMY Canvas



Key resources

Key activities


Value provided


Customer Relationships

Key partners



Discovering You

Dream jobs are more often created than found, so they’re rarely attainable through conventional searches. Creating one requires strong self-knowledge.

Interests: Wheel of Life exercise

Roles: Who Am I? exercise

Lifeline exercise

Personality: Holland's six tendencies

Purpose: Cover Story You exercise

Purpose: The Three Questions exercise

Purpose: Brand new life exercise

Purpose statement

Reinventing Inspiration

Initial BMY


Upgraded BMY

Modifying building blocks & evaluate effects

Add / Remove / Grow / Reduce