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Management of Value (MoV®) study guide mind map by Mind Map: Management of Value (MoV®) study guide mind map
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Management of Value (MoV®) study guide mind map

MoV® is a registered trademark of AXELOS Limited. MoV® logo courtesy of the AXELOS Limited. Trademarks are properties of the holders, who are not affiliated with mind map author.

MoV® consists of: 7 Principles, 7 Processes, 7 Roles, 12 Documents, 18 Techniques (3 MoV specific, 15 common).

Download: Best Management Practice - MoV Launch presentation [01.08.2010]

MoV® Principles (7)

What are principles?

1. Align with organizational objectives

2. Focus on functions and required outcomes

3. Balance the variables to maxinmize value

4. Apply MoV® throught the investment decision

5. Taylor MoV® activity to suit the subject

6. Learn from experience and improve

7. Assign clear roles and responsibilities and build a supportive culture

MoV® Processes (7)

1. Frame the programme of project

2. Gather Information

3. Analyse Information

4. Process Information

5. Evaluate and Select

6. Develop Value-Improving Proposals (VIPs)

7. Implement and Share Outputs

MoV Additional techniques (a.k.a. MoV® Toolbox)

Methods and tools that MAY be used in the application of MoV®.

Business process re-engineering

Conjoint analysis

Cost estimation

De Bono P/M/I



Earned value analysis or management

Elementary skills gap analysis

Excursions and metaphors


Five Ws and an H

Function Analysis System Technique (FAST)

Function priority matrix

HM Treasury’s Green Boo

Informationgathering methods

Issues generation and analysis

Kano quality model

Knowledge capture and dissemination

Lean principles and Lean Sigma

Managing difficult people

Net present value


Peer review

Presentation techniques

Report writing

Risk management


Scenario building

Simple Multi-Attribute Rating Technique (SMART)

Soft systems methodology (SSM)

Stakeholder analysis

Stakeholder identification

Strategic choice approach

Strategic options development and analysis (SODA)

Sustainability and triple bottom line

SWOT analysis

Systems thinking

Target costing

T charts


Theory of constraints

Tracking benefits realization

Value metrics

Warm-up exercises / ice breakers

Workshop / study toolkit

MoV® Documents (12)

Briefing Meeting Agenda (A.1)

Communications Checklist (A.2)

Equipment List for an Effective Study / Workshop (A.3)

Invitation to Join the Study Team (A.4)

Option Evalutaion Marix (A.5)

Plan the Study (A.6)

Recording Idea Selection (A.7)

Reporting Study Outputs (A.8)

Scoping the Study (A.9)

Study or Workshop Handbook (A.10)

Value-improving Proposal Forms (A.11)

Value Improvement Tracking Report (A.12)

MoV® Official publications

Copyright © AXELOS Limited.

Management of Value

An executive guide to value management

MoV® - process based standard and framework (not methodology) for general (not industry specific e.g. IT or Engeenering) Value Management. MoV® is one of the 12 recognized globally and practically proven management standards from AXELOS® Global Best Practice family of UK standards.

MoV® V1 was published in 04.2010.

How MoV® fits into AXELOS® Global Best Practices family of UK standards.

AXELOS® Global Best Practices family of standards from UK.

Since 2000 the Office of Government Commerce (OGC), former owner of PRINCE2® (and other Best Management Practices) has been the custodian of the portfolio on behalf of UKG. In June 2010 as a result of UKG reorganisation the Minister for the Cabinet Office announced that the PRINCE2® functions have moved into Cabinet Office.

MoV® Official resources

Copyright © AXELOS Limited.

MoV® sample exams, available online

MoV® examination syllabus

MoV® glossary

MoV® White Papers

MoV® website

MoV® Roles and Responsibilities (7)

Executive Board

MoV® Representative on Executive Board

MoV® Board (or Steering Group)

Senior MoV® Practitioner

MoV® Study Leaders (or Study leaders)

MoV® Study Team (or Study Team)

Support Office (if there i one)

MoV® Techniques (18)

Methods and tools used in the application of MoV®.

MoV® specific techniques (3)

Common techniques used in MoV® (15)

Embedding MoV® into an organization

MoV® Policy

Plan For Implementing the MoV® Policy


MoV® Study Leader's Handbook

Data Capture Feedback

Monitoring and measuring the benefits

Overcoming barriers to embedding MoV®

Avoiding Failure

Basic Definitions (according to AXELOS®)

Portfolios / Programme / Project Management

Project / Programme / Portfolios

Output, Capability, Outcome, Benefits

Interactive MoV® Glossary

Interactive MoV® Glossary

This freeware mind map (aligned with the newest version of MoV®) was carefully hand crafted with passion and love for learning and constant improvement as well for promotion the standard and framework MoV® and as a learning tool for candidates wanting to gain MoV® qualification. (please share and give feedback - your feedback and comments are my main motivation for further elaboration. THX!)

Questions / issues / errors? What do you think about my work? Your comments are highly appreciated. Please don't hesitate to contact me for :-) Mirosław Dąbrowski, Poland/Warsaw.

Watch: Driving Project Management Value with EVM and MoV (interview with David Roberts from CUPE)

MoV® Value Management Health Check (1)

Each health check will occur using the following steps:

MoV® Value Management Maturity Model (1)

Derived from P3M3®

5 Levels of maturity

The use of maturity models is now widespread, with international adoption across multiple industries.

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