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Active Employ by Mind Map: Active Employ

1. Job Seeker Account

1.1. Account Settings

1.1.1. Accept Base Messages? Insert phone number

1.1.2. Link Accounts Link Twitter Link Linkedin Link Facebook Link other (enter URL)

1.1.3. Set Security Phrase

1.1.4. Upgrade Account Resume Tracking Know when, Where, and how often managers open your resume,

1.2. Your Profile

1.2.1. Experience

1.2.2. What Are you looking for

1.2.3. When are you avalible

1.2.4. What are you good at?

1.2.5. Describe yourself in 300 words

1.2.6. Personality Test

1.3. Login

1.3.1. Create new Account?

1.3.2. Login with OpenID?

1.4. Search for Jobs!

1.4.1. Click Apply Wait for Reply

2. Staff Account

2.1. Staff Options

2.1.1. Staff Rating Exactly what is wanted Great Match Possible Match Unlikely Match Not A Match at all Flag post (for Admin review) + disable

2.2. Example Clients

2.2.1. Example - Job Seekers applied to ''EasyBuy'' Danny Roldenburg his profile Your client preview will say #basketball #phone skill #elderly Janet Bickett Her profile Sarah Crane Profile empty. Last login was two weeks ago- Set as MIA EasyBuy Need full-time weekend worker for easybuy Your client Review will say #fulltime #weekend #easybuy

2.2.2. Example Managers Account Craigslist Poster Needed Someone to post advertisements for marketing. Pay 7.00 per hour

2.3. Your Questions

2.3.1. Your Actions- Managers Check Profile. Where are they? What are they looking for? What is the pay rate? How many hours? Credible company? if not flag and notify Manager.

2.3.2. Your Actions- Job Seekers Check Accounts linked- Check if Personality Test was finished Check last Login

3. his profile

3.1. worked with moving company, fed zebras at petting zoo and flipped burgers

4. Jared Hilden

4.1. Your client review will say #fastfood #boxing #animals

5. Manager Account

5.1. Account Settings

5.1.1. Upgrade Account Enable Base messages? BETA- Screening/Background check

5.1.2. your company page

5.1.3. Set Security Phrase

5.2. Login

5.2.1. Create new Account?

5.2.2. Login with OpenID?

5.3. Review Job Seekers

5.3.1. Manager Decision had interview sent email Sent Base Message Approved (on to interview) Denied (send reject letter) Outcome candidate has cancelled candidate is approved candidate is still unsure candidate is MIA

5.4. Post A job

5.4.1. What Candidate Are you looking for

5.4.2. What times are required

5.4.3. What will this Candidate be required to do?

5.4.4. Describe this job in 300 words

6. Coders Corner

6.1. Permissions

6.1.1. Managers Managers can Post new jobs, and access Job seekers profile. Managers must pay to create a post. (excluding first free post)

6.1.2. Job Seekers Job seekers can not contact managers. they can not create groups, or reply to anything a manager says.

7. Funding

7.1. 100 for PHPfox license 4.00 per month for hosting

8. New Idea