As I Lay Dying Characters

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As I Lay Dying Characters by Mind Map: As I Lay Dying Characters

1. Addie Bundren

1.1. Wife

1.2. Mother

1.3. New node

1.4. Had an affair with Reverend and had Jewel.

1.5. Dead - In a coffin

2. Anse Bundren

2.1. Husband

3. Darl Bundren

3.1. Really good at reading people

3.2. Has some type of ESP

4. Cash Bundren

4.1. Carpenter

4.2. Builds the coffin

4.3. Breaks his leg

5. Jewel Bundren

5.1. Addie's favorite child because his real father is Reverend Whitfield

5.2. Very independent

5.3. Bought himself a horse

5.4. "Jewel's mother is a horse"

6. Dewey Dell Bundren

6.1. Only Daughter

6.2. Pregnant

7. Vardamen Bundren

7.1. Youngest

7.2. Watched his mother take her last breath

7.3. Drills holes in Addie's coffin

8. Reverend Whitfield

8.1. Father of Jewel

8.2. Is going to confess when Addie dies

9. Lafe

9.1. Local farmer who get's Dewey Dell pregnant