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As I Lay Dying Characters by Mind Map: As I Lay Dying Characters
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As I Lay Dying Characters

Addie Bundren



New node

Had an affair with Reverend and had Jewel.

Dead - In a coffin

Anse Bundren

Anse is such a dunce. He doesn't even know Addie had an affair!


Darl Bundren

Really good at reading people

Has some type of ESP

He asks Jewel, "Who is your father?"

Cash Bundren


Builds the coffin

Addie watches him build her coffin from her bedroom window.

Breaks his leg

Anse is so stupid he pours cement on his leg. That just makes it worse.

Jewel Bundren

Addie's favorite child because his real father is Reverend Whitfield

Very independent

Bought himself a horse

"Jewel's mother is a horse"

Dewey Dell Bundren

Only Daughter


She wants an abortion but she can't afford it. She only has ten dollars. Only Darl knows.

Vardamen Bundren


Watched his mother take her last breath

This messes with his head. Kind of goes crazy for a while and thinks she is still alive inside a fish.

Drills holes in Addie's coffin


Reverend Whitfield

Father of Jewel

Is going to confess when Addie dies


Local farmer who get's Dewey Dell pregnant