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The Development of Canada (1868-1885) Timeline Project by Mind Map: The Development of
Canada  (1868-1885)
Timeline Project
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The Development of Canada (1868-1885) Timeline Project

1868-December 1, 1869

1. Arrival of land surveyors at Red River - 1868

- Caused much tension because they acted on assumptions.

- Their actions indirectly caused the Red River Rebellion, because they angered the Metis greatly, who thought the government was trying to steal their land.

2. Louis Riel - Summer 1869

- Born in 1844

- Son of Louis Riel sr.

- Literate and well educated lawyer.

3.Purchase of Rupert's Land - November 19, 1869

- The Metis were angry because they thought that no one had the right to sell their land.

- Canada wanted the Metis to move out.

- this also made the Metis angry.

4. Provisional government - Winter 1869

- Emergency or interim government setup

5. Metis List of Rights - December 1, 1869

- Important Canadian document.

- Agreed upon by the Red River Settlement.

- These resolutions were adopted at a meeting held in Fort Gary.

March 4, 1870 - August 21, 1871

6. Execution of Thomas Scott - March 4, 1870

-Caused much unrest between the French and English.

- Caused a delay in the creation of Manitoba.

- Caused much violence between the Metis and the Orange Order

7. Creation of Manitoba - May 2, 1870

- Was achieved through compromise.

- Because of the execution of Thomas Scott, the government was forced to send a force of 1200 people to "fix" Maniotoba

8. Riel flees to the U.S. - Late August, 1870

- He fled to the U.S. because alot of people wanted to avenge the death of Thomas Scott

- Was told to stay there until things cooled down

9. Metis flee west - 1870's

- Many Metis were brutalized by Macdonalds men

- They couldn't get used to the land scripts.

- Many Metis were forced to hand over their land scripts to land speculators.

10. Naitive Treaties 1 & 2 - August 3-August 21 1871

-Signed away the treaty for there homeland

-Took native's land for crop land

-The government rushed through the treaties so that they could send out land surveyors followed by European settlers

1873 - Winter 1874-75

Need; 4, 8, 10, 14, 15, 19, 21, and 22.

11. Creation of NWMP - 1873

- It was both a police force and a paramilitary organization.

- It's first task was to "police" the whiskey traders

- The NWMP were seen as an improvement by the native peoples

12. Pacific Scandal - 1872

- Macdonald bribed people for votes so he could get more seats.

- People found out that Macdonald bribed them and were really mad.

13. Election of Alexander Mackenzie - 1873

- Happened because of the Pacific Scandal

- He didn't continue the CPR, which angered a lot of people

- The Canadian Pacific Railway land survey was allowed to continue, a lot of violent arguments broke out over where the Railway would go

14. Native Treaties 3-7 - 1874-Sept 22, 1877

-Signed away the treaty for there homeland

-Took natives land for crop land

-The natives, having already lost access to their food source were forced into farming or death

15. Gabriel Dumont and the Hunt of 1875 - Winter 1847-1875

- Resulted in the revolution against Canada.

- During which several Metis delinquents disobeyed the law.

1876 - Summer, 1884

16. John A. Macdonald and the National Policy - 1876

- The National Policy was an electoral scheme, and a plan for patching up the main issues of Canada.

- It was imposed to persuade voters to bring Macdonald back to power.

- It imposed protective tariffs to ensure a strong Canadian Market

- It amplified the west's agricultural potential

- It unified Canada and the economy by ensuring that the CPR would be built (finally).

17. Indian Act - 1876

- It confirmed that the Native Peoples were required to live on reserves.

- It was good for the Native Peoples and the Government.

18. Construction of CPR - 1881-1885

- Did not go well at first.

- Was saved when William Van Horne was brought in to the picture.

- Laborers had a bad diet and poor working conditions.

- CPR was done 5 years early.

19. William Van Horne - 1881

- The general manager for the Canadian pacific railway

- Was responsible for launching the sea transport system for the Canadian pacific railway

20. Return of Riel - summer, 1884

- He was 24 when he returned to the red river settlement.

- The Canadian government automatically suspected a rebellion when he made his return.

Winter 1884 - November 16, 1885

21. Metis Bill of Rights - Winter 1884

- A whole bunch of laws passed for the metis

- Gave the Metis more rights

22. Battles of Duck Lake and Batoche - March 19, 1885

- Happened because "peaceful negotiations were not possible"

- Resulted in the capture of Louis Riel.

- Lasted for 4 days

23. Trial of Louis Riel - July 1885

- Led the north west rebellion

- He was under trial for high treason

25. Execution of Louis Riel - November 16, 1885

- Was charged with high treason.

- He was hung.

- He was given a fair trial but was found guilty, even with a valid defense.