Literary Devices

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Literary Devices by Mind Map: Literary Devices

1. Parody

1.1. Definition

1.1.1. imitation of another's work with changes such as exaggeration and changes in meaning. sometime mocks people and etc.

1.2. Examples in Candide

1.3. (page 54) El Dorado this is a satire because this its a imitaion of the perfect world. Voltaire is satirizing the best world.

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2. Irony

2.1. Definition

2.1.1. kind of sarcastic expression that usually signifies the opposite

2.2. Examples in Candide

2.3. (page 64) You know England? Are they foolish as in France? This is a irony because its kind of sarcastic and i think Voltaire is satirizing England because at that time French was in a war with England.

2.4. (page 84) At the bottom of his heart Candide had no wish to marry Cunegonde. This is a irony because expression signifies the opposite then the beginning. And how there is a unexpected feeling. Voltaire was satirizing how feelings change.

3. understatement

3.1. Definition

3.1.1. presenting of something being small, worse, less or lessimportant.

3.2. Examples in Candide

3.3. (page 49-50) Yet when my mother sold me for ten patagons. I think this is a understatement because this phrase means that the son is more less important then money. Voltaire is satirizing poorness and money, to show how some people have very hard lives.

3.4. (page 78) Yet it is a pity that she had grown so ugly this is a understatement because it is presenting that something got worse in this phrase something is the face and worse is ugly. Voltaire was trying to satirize change over time.

4. Allusion

4.1. Definition

4.1.1. Indirect or making a reference

4.2. Examples in Candide

4.3. (page 74) Oh heavens! at Constantinople! But were she in China I would fly thither; let us be off. This is a allusion because Mr. Martin is making a reference about what Cacambo said. Voltaire is satirizing conflicts.

4.4. (page 53) Secret griefs are more cruel then public calamities. This is a allusion because Mr. Martin is making a reference to secret griefs, Voltaire is satirizing feelings.

5. Hyperbole

5.1. Definition

5.1.1. exaggeration in statements

5.2. Examples in Candide

5.2.1. New node

5.3. (page 48) When we worked at the sugar canes, and the mill snatches hold of our finger, they cut off the hand; and when you attempt to run away, they cut off your leg; both cases have happened to me. I think this is a hyperbole because its kind of exaggerated in violence and Voltaire satirized life to show how hard to live an easy life.

5.4. (page 5) The earth was strewed with brains, arms, and legs this is a hyperbole because it is exaggerated in the image that it creates when people reads the passage i think Voltaire was satirizing the environment that human have created.

6. Oxymoron

6.1. Definition

6.1.1. figure of speech composed with pairs of contradicting words

6.2. Examples in Candide

6.3. (page 64) an they spend over this beautiful war much more then Canada is worth. The two contradicting words are beautiful war. This is a oxymoron because wars aren't beautiful, so they are contradicting words, Voltaire satirized war.

6.4. (page 59) there are few good tragedies. This is a oxymoron because tragedy is usually referred to as sad or depressing but good is being positive so they are two contradicting words. Voltaire is satirizing happiness and sadness, because sometimes tragedies can be happy.