2014 Career Goals

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2014 Career Goals by Mind Map: 2014 Career Goals

1. Achieve Quota -$66,000

1.1. The Numbers

1.1.1. 2 New Meetings Each Week 8 per month 50% Close Ration

1.2. The How

1.2.1. 2 Networking Meetings Each Week Existing & New Core Business Competencies Vendors Prospects Customers

1.2.2. Prospecting 200 Emails Each Week Existing Email List Research Un-known Email Addresses For Prospects Research Email Addresses for New Suspects/Prospects 50 Telemarketing Calls Each Week New Influencers Stop-By's Hard to Reach Non Responders

1.2.3. Upsell Existing LP Customers 2 Customer Visits Each Week Re-Visit Business & Objectives

1.2.4. Learn About Business Locations Business Function Employees LP Footpint Core Business Competencies Products and Services Align with LP Business Drivers/ New Applications What & Why Plan for Future Existing Voice & IT Services Vendors Contracts Likes Dis-likes Challenges Wish List Cost Decision Process Decision Makers Other Key Influencers Decision Time-line Budget Dollars Flexibility Customers Potential Suspects/Prospects Vertical Alignment with LP Customers Success Vendors Potential Business Relationships Leave With Strategy Expectations Schedule Follow-Up Meeting

1.2.5. Personal Investment Industry Knowledge Research Vendor Relationships Customer Input Process Automation Salesforce Team Reports