2014 Goals - Quote $66,000

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2014 Goals - Quote $66,000 by Mind Map: 2014 Goals - Quote $66,000

1. The How

1.1. 2 Partner/Vendor Meetings Each Week

1.1.1. Existing & New Core Business Competencies Products and Services Align with LP Vendors Potential Business Relationships Prospects Align with LP Products Customers Potential Prospects Vertical Alignment with LP Products & Customers Success

1.2. Prospecting

1.2.1. 200 Emails Each Week Existing Email List Research Un-known Email Addresses For Existing Prospects Research Email Addresses for New Prospects

1.2.2. 50 Telemarketing Calls Each Week New Influencers

1.2.3. Stop-By's Hard to Reach Prospects Non Responding Prospects

1.3. Upsell Existing LP Customers

1.3.1. 2 Customer Visits Each Week Re-Visit Business & Objectives Locations Core Business Competencies Business Drivers/ New Applications Existing Voice & IT Services Decision Process Budget Customers Vendors Leave With Strategy

1.4. New Meeting Strategy

1.4.1. Locations Business Function Employees LP Footpint

1.4.2. Core Business Competencies Products and Services Strengths Weaknesses Differentiators Competition Align with LP Connect with Stories

1.4.3. Business Drivers/ New Applications What & Why Align with LP Capabilities Plan for Future Growth Scalability Moves, Adds, Changes, Capabilities

1.4.4. Existing Voice & IT Services Vendors Contracts Likes What & Why Dis-likes What & Why Challenges What & Why Wish List What & Why Cost

1.4.5. Decision Process Decision Makers Roles/Responsibilities Wish List Challenges Other Key Influencers Roles/Responsibilities Wish List Challenges Decision Time-line Impact if Missed

1.4.6. Budget Dollars Flexibility

1.4.7. Customers Potential Suspects/Prospects Vertical Alignment with LP Customers Success

1.4.8. Vendors Potential Business Relationships

1.4.9. Leave With Strategy Expectations Schedule Follow-Up Meeting

1.5. Personal Investment

1.5.1. Industry Knowledge Research Online Hobbies Vendor Relationships Market Drivers Customer Input Best Practices Trials & Tribulations

1.5.2. Process Automation Salesforce Team Reports

2. The Numbers

2.1. 2 New Meetings Each Week

2.2. 50% Close Ration

2.3. Average Sale $1,500

2.4. $6,000 Month

2.5. $72,000 / 110%