Who would be the target of your media product?

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Who would be the target of your media product? by Mind Map: Who would be the target of your media product?

1. However, liked I've mentioned before, Teen Beat might attract female audiences more because of the fact that the artists I've chosen for my magazine would probably be idolised more by females compared to males.

2. The target audiences age group would be between 13-19, particularly who enjoy listening to pop/ teen pop genre music.

3. Generally, my magazine would be targeted for both male and female teenagers.

4. Furthermore, my magazine is multi-ethnic because I've made sure that many ethnicities have been included (like my models) in my magazine.

5. For example, there are ethnicities like Turkish, Mixed raced, Polish, African, and Asian. Therefore, this targets a variety of ethnicities which would manipulate teenagers to buy my magazine.

6. I also think that my magazine is suitable for teenagers who wish to pursue a career in music in the future, because most of the journalism in my magazine would be about how these teen idols got to where they are now. This will give their fans some hope as well as some tips of how they could reach their dreams.

7. I've also mentioned that my price for Teen Beat magazine would be £2.00 because I know that teenagers nowadays cannot afford to pay a lot for magazines, therefore, I made the price cheap and affordable for them.

8. My magazine is also really informative for teenagers who want to be updated about the iTunes music charts every month, including the top 10 most listened/ popular tunes of that particular month.