Lead Nurturing Content Map

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Lead Nurturing Content Map by Mind Map: Lead Nurturing Content Map

1. Guide: SaaS vs. ASP: Beware of the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing 3B – These are people who responded to 1A but did not respond to the asset in 2a. Either 2A was too aggressive or they may have a different area of interest than what was sent in 2A. So let’s send a content that is easy (not as hard as 2a) and speaks to a different interest than 2a. Maybe a recorded webinar would be an option.

2. White Paper - The Treasury Mandate: A Strategic Partner for Unlocking Business Value 2A – These are people who responded to 1A. So they are now engaged. Showing an interest so you can send something more serious than in 1A maybe an article or a guide.

3. Webinar: More Reasons to Use a Treasury Management System 2B – These people did not respond to your very first email 1a. This will be our second attempt to try to get their attention. The content should still be easy, no heavy white papers or assets with industry lingo or product sheets. Try a different article or recorded webinar.

4. TMS TRMS Analyst Report 4D – These people did not answer 3 of your communications (1A, 2B, 3C). This is the last email we are sending them before removing them for at least 3 months. So make it count. If you had a document that is new or were not used on your site it would be the place to use it. If you had some kind of industry document like Aberdeen report or survey or maybe even something they would normally have to pay for to get in the industry. You can buy the rights for some of these reports to use in marketing campaigns.

5. White paper: International Cash Management 3C – These people did not respond to 2 of your emails already 1A and 2B. We are trying to get their attention. Try something completely different than in the previous two emails. Maybe send a blog article.

6. Webinar: Making the Business Case for Treasury Technology 4B – These are people who responded to 1A and 2A but did not respond to the asset you sent in 3A. So let’s send them something different than 3a. Maybe they are not ready for a white paper or product overview. Maybe we can try a video or podcast here. If 3A was more for areas of interest X then let’s send 4B for areas of interest Y.

7. Video: Understanding the benefits that corporations receive from Treasury Management Systems 4C – These people responded to your first email 1A but then did not respond to 2A or 3B. This will be the 3rd attempt to try to get their attention. The document should be different from 2a or 3b. Maybe a different article or video or podcast.

8. Brochure: We Understand Treasury 3A - These are people who responded to 1a and 2a. So you know the two assets they responded to and you can start formulating their interest. It is time to send a more serious piece like a white paper or product overview. If they respond to this then we collected 6 qualification answers and these people are going on to sales as MQL.

9. White Paper: Best Practices in Cash Management 1A - This is the first email. Think of people who only had 1 interaction with us (either clicked in an email, visited our website, or filled out a form). So these can be someone we sent an email to form a list and clicked, or someone who registered for a webinar, or someone we got on a tradeshow, etc. Basically we may or may not have info about them and we do not really know what they are interested in. So the content needs to be “easy” to read and educational in nature possibly touching a lot of different topics to serve many areas of interest.