The Amazing 3Rs

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The Amazing 3Rs by Mind Map: The Amazing 3Rs

1. Reuse

1.1. Water

1.1.1. Vegetable Water

1.1.2. Mop Water

1.1.3. Use reused Water to water the plants FROM Rice water Left over water

2. Reduce

2.1. electricity

2.2. Wastage

2.2.1. Water

2.2.2. Electricity switch off light when not in use

2.2.3. Waste reduce wastage of garbage

2.2.4. pollution do not cause air,water,noise and other forms of pollutions

3. Recycle

3.1. plastic

3.1.1. Either reuse or recycle plastics before you think of throwing them

3.2. metal

3.2.1. These might seem useless but has a lot of use if you recycle them

3.3. glass

3.4. paper

3.4.1. do not throw paper away. recycle them

3.5. other recyclable materials

3.5.1. there are many other recyclale materials