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2010 GTM Plan for All Accts by Mind Map: 2010 GTM Plan for All Accts
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2010 GTM Plan for All Accts

Targeted CBIs

customer acquisition customer service

reduce travel improve productivity

Targeted CBIs Led by Visionaries

customer acquisition customer service

worker productivity extend legacy systems

regulatory compliance

SE: Jake Shapiro

Stage 1 - describe at least three value propositions by acct. - whitespace by account - notify current customers and prospects of continuing education seminars and websites Stages 3 - 5 - uses cases by account - proof points - information sharing Google Docs and Wave (each customer contact)

Partners: Dave Pilgrim

Stages 1 - 2 - suggest three value props/acct - SIs by account, schedule discovery meetings - suggested SIs, schedule discovery meetings - tactical partners, schedule discovery meetings - information sharing Google Docs and Wave (each customer contact)

Consulting: Mitchell Schwartzwald

Stages 1 - 2 - suggest three value props/acct Stages 3 - 7 - references by account - use cases by account - develop success plan including rollout, partners, PS participation

Field Marketing: Lisa Parillo

- Jigsaw lists: CIO, Sales, CMO, CFO, Regulatory

- Connect user group - Carlson & Target enterprise web conferencing

- LiveCycle user group - UHG, Mayo, & Medtronic why we use LiveCycle

- Connect campaign - less money, easier access

- LiveCycle campaign targeted at rev gen processes that could be mobile

- BAO - focus on directors of sales, BU process owners, IT process owners

- prospecting - Leadbridge reports for HealthPartners, Securian, Medica

- further relationships - MN Wild game, Xcel Energy Skating, Twins

NAM: Thad Steele

Stage 1 Pre-call - acct. overview by BU, customer process, internal process - determine revenue channels (B2C, B2B, web, in person, phone) - determine how CEO is paid - define CBIs and challenges from 10Q, 10K, analyst calls, news - qualifying questions (team effort) - solution value (team effort) Stage 2 Prospect - call blitz list of leaders by CBI - lead champion to help further customer deployments - initiate targeted marketing campaigns by CBI - SIs - entice and discover - Connect partners (when is contract up, can we do a pilot) Stage 3 Opportunity Qualification - qualifying questions (team effort) - sketch ROI analysis

Stage 4 Circle of Influence - CBC visits - executive sponsors - qualifying questions (team effort) - engagement plan template - executive sponsor letter Stage 5 Solution Definition and Validation - in-depth account discover - solution design - ROI analysis - executive sponsor Stages 6 & 7 Customer Commit / Execute to Close - contracts (Heather Sumner, Peter Runyan) - PAR (Heather Sumner) - information sharing Google Docs and Wave (each customer contact)