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Development by Mind Map: Development

1. LEDC: Less Economically Developed Country

1.1. Most of Africa, Haiti, Afghanistan, and others.

1.2. The economies are based on the primary sector: farming, mining and other resource extractions. These countries have the lowest indicators of development and the lowest HDI ratings. They have low income

1.3. Less income per capita, many of these nations people are living in poverty

1.4. Not many children go to school

2. MEDC: More Economically developed country

2.1. U.S.A, Canada, most of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and a few others

2.2. An MEDC is how to define a wealthy nation. They are developed economies dominated by the service and research economic sectors (modern technologies). On average, there is high income per capita (per person). They have a High Human Development Index (HDI)- is a measure that gauges a country’s level of human development (Health, Education and income)

2.3. Quite a lot/a reasonable/high/good amounts of income per capita, these nations are the richest nations

2.4. Most children go to school

3. NIC: Newly Industrialised Country

3.1. Mexico, Turkey, Brazil, South Africa, India, Thailand, China, Malaysia, Philippines and others

3.2. These are nations that are undergoing massive growth economically. These countries can also be referred to as ‘Emerging Markets’. They are economies switching from agricultural to industrial sectors. They are also known as BRIICS

3.3. An average amount of income per capita

3.4. Some children go to school

4. Hunger Banquet

4.1. 15% of the world uses 84% of the world's resources. These are the MEDC countries

4.2. 30%of the world uses 4% of the worlds resources. This applies