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Online Educa Berlin LIVE Mindmapping experiment ( by Mind Map: Online Educa Berlin LIVE Mindmapping experiment (
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Online Educa Berlin LIVE Mindmapping experiment (

The great training robbery (thursday)

Jay Cross, Jane Hart, Charles Jennings, Harold Jarche, Jon Husband

Great use of two extra presenters in canada through adobe connect

what are the visions and challenges for 21st century learning in organizations?

The conspiracy of convenience

Whats changing?

What do we need to do?

hierarchy to wirearchy

Cynefin framework

collab learning system at Cisco

move from curriculum to "what does it take to get the job done" (Jay Cross)

Storytelling (friday)

Reflective narratives

Christopher Murray

e-VITA electronic life exp based on storytelling and serious games

sonia Hetzner ILI university

The digital storyteller

Cristina Costa



session guided by jay cross

open space


world cafe

Battle of the bloggers

Jane Hart

Donald Clark

Clive shepherd

Ellen wagner

ROUND 1: About the brain

ROUND 2: The urban legends of learning

ROUND 3: It's not about the tools is

Towards Maturity

Laura Overton

Why are some organizations more succesfull then others?

Twitter: @lauraoverton

Original promise of e-learning

Innovation: its not about technologie

Trend over last 12 months

Barriers to innovation are shifting

L&D is separated from business and learners

We are the "wall" that stops innovation moving forward

Towards maturity model


for Health professions

Alex Haig

Higher education

Birgith Kischer

Enterprise Portfolio and Skills Management Systems

Ola Badersten (Giunti)

Keynotes Friday

Charles Jennings

Tarkan Maner

Martin Dougiamas

David James Clarke

Sessions I missed out

Jane Hart: Tools of trade, creating the new era for corporate learning


Brain - science





Graham Atwell: "Online-Educa is probably not the place to go for cutting edge research and development. Rather it tends ot rflect what is main-streaming and this make sit all the more interesting."

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