Home Improvement -old

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Home Improvement -old by Mind Map: Home Improvement -old

1. Girl's room

1.1. Door knob

1.2. Fix walls

1.2.1. Fix walls Repair wallboard peel off the paper Paint walls

1.2.2. Fix ceiling Remove mildew paint

1.3. Wood floors

2. Living Room

2.1. Replace Exterior Door

2.1.1. Storm door

2.1.2. Metal door

2.2. Add insulation strip at base

2.3. Decor

2.3.1. Display my dads flag

2.3.2. Photo wall kids and kids family

3. Kitchen

3.1. Counter

3.1.1. Fix counter island counter-top delamination

3.2. Table

3.2.1. Replace lamp over kitchen table

3.3. Cabinets

3.3.1. Organize spices

3.3.2. Magnet knife rack

3.4. General

3.4.1. Fix the exhaust fan on the stove

3.4.2. Get more serving bowls

3.5. Redo whole kitchen

4. Outside

4.1. Front

4.1.1. Fix / reinforce front steps

4.1.2. new front door with screen door

4.1.3. Replace motion-sensor light

4.1.4. Trim trees

4.1.5. landscape

4.1.6. driveway level it pave it

4.2. Side

4.2.1. WiFi repeater to seat next to stream

4.3. House

4.3.1. replace siding gutters soffets near boy's room

4.4. Back

4.4.1. build deck

4.4.2. new back door with screen door

4.4.3. Safe level steps to get outside

4.4.4. replace sliding glass door

5. Basement

5.1. Rent out as apartment

5.1.1. fix drainage Test sump drain Dig up drain pipe

5.1.2. Dricore subfloor to allow drainage

5.2. Clean out

5.3. Add more hooks for bags in stairwell

6. General

6.1. replace network wiring

6.2. Wood floors in all rooms except for baths and closets

7. Our Room

7.1. Bathroom

7.1.1. Finish it Looks unfinished

7.1.2. Toilet/shower Scrape and redo our bathroom ceiling new curtain new toilet seat Add an outlet Whiteboard Mount whiteboard on wall? Replace shower wall with whiteboard?

7.1.3. Sink area fix hot water Replace with pedestal sinks? Fix middle drawer back

7.2. Remove file cabinet

7.3. Restore to just a bedroom? No multi-use?

7.4. Closet

7.4.1. Cleanout shoe rack

7.4.2. Reorganize Closet

7.5. Organize my clothes btter

7.6. New Mattress done....

8. Laundry Room

8.1. Washer/dryer pedestals

8.2. Organize it

8.2.1. Organize tools

8.2.2. Replace cabinets with shelves and clear containers

8.3. Generator

8.4. Sound proof

8.4.1. So we don't hear the furnace, washer & dryer

8.4.2. So nobody hears the music or book blasting in the bathroom

9. Kid's bathroom

9.1. replace fan

9.2. Redo walls

9.2.1. Fix wallboard

9.2.2. scrape ceiling

9.2.3. fix wallboard / peeling paper

9.2.4. Need a toilet paper dispenser

9.3. You have to hold the flush handle down

10. Boy's room

10.1. Door

10.2. closet closure

10.2.1. Curtain for closet

10.3. Redo

10.3.1. wallboard

10.3.2. Wood floors

10.3.3. light cover / fan

11. Color Key

11.1. These are items we need to do when we have the money

11.2. These don't take much, if any, money. We can do them when we have the time.