29/11/09 mtg mins

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29/11/09 mtg mins by Mind Map: 29/11/09 mtg mins

1. Ideas for future course

1.1. Abu Abdullah's vision

1.1.1. give dawah to kids

1.1.2. build teachers into dai'ees

1.1.3. MA felt these are objectives, not goals

1.2. AL Arqam mission statement - well-rounded by 16 etc

1.2.1. AH - demoralising if we change this now

1.2.2. SA - is this feasible anymore? we can't guarantee students staying from 6 - 16

1.3. modular

1.3.1. different subject on Mon, Tues, Wed?

1.3.2. accreditation from Al Hikma, Al Kauthar etc?

1.4. different levels

1.4.1. full-blown do it for all classes in big-bang approach

1.4.2. compromise Only do it with either middle or upper, not both

1.5. not make it age based

1.5.1. like tajweed - you're assessed and put in class tajweed can do this because ongoing. IS is discrete and possibly can't tajweed can take time out to test on roling basis. IS would need to test in big exercise up front possibly having entry exam in future?

1.6. Sustainability

1.6.1. Need to be ready for if/when we're not here

1.6.2. MA said we shouldnt be too negative either plan for success

1.7. Repeatability

1.7.1. SA would prefer small2/3 semester cycles repeated with emphasis on more and more teacher development as courses become easier to teach

2. Constraints

2.1. number of rooms

2.1.1. we only have 4 or 5 good size rooms

2.1.2. using more rooms means more teachers

2.2. time slots

2.2.1. we only ahve rooms for a few hours on Saturdays

2.3. female teachers

2.3.1. not enough to support more classes

2.4. student turnover

2.4.1. cannot guarantee we will get same students over several semesters for structured course

2.5. 2 hour lessons

2.5.1. we must fill 2 hours slots

2.6. 14 week semesters

2.6.1. need to fit course into 9 weeks of lessons plus breaks

2.7. inadequate equipment

2.7.1. printers

2.7.2. photocopiers

2.7.3. art meterials

2.8. budget

2.8.1. not always clear what budget is

2.9. source material

2.9.1. what we teach needs to covered well in source materials we already have

2.10. teacher commitment and availability

2.10.1. not many teachers can commit to giving more hours for more classes, more prep, more admin, etc

2.11. appeal to students & parents

2.11.1. we need to teach somethinf that will sell the course to parents and/or students

2.12. admin

2.12.1. bigger course means more admin

2.12.2. we may need tajweed admin staff for IS

3. agenda

3.1. SA - intro

3.2. SA - naseeha

3.3. MA - strategic reminder

3.4. All - future direction discussion

4. Next Semester

4.1. Use book sets we have

4.1.1. need to review all and decide

4.2. teach more than one subject next semester

4.2.1. need to choose

4.3. Concentrate on lesson plans/activities and teaching, not cramming

4.3.1. requires more effort in planning from teachers

4.3.2. teach less, re-enforce more

4.3.3. requires better teachers, not easy

4.4. Do the same as last year but better

4.4.1. Use lessons learnt exercise

4.4.2. Implement easiest improvements

5. Vision

5.1. to be "oxford" of Madrassas in UK

5.1.1. SA - risk that growth and rep becomes niyyah, not pleasing Allah. AH/MA felt no issue

5.2. MA recommended it be quantifiable - e.g. 1000 students by X year.

5.3. Alternative - to just be best we can be - no quantifiable goals