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29/11/09 mtg mins by Mind Map: 29/11/09 mtg mins
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29/11/09 mtg mins


SA - intro

SA - naseeha

MA - strategic reminder

All - future direction discussion

Ideas for future course

Abu Abdullah's vision

AL Arqam mission statement - well-rounded by 16 etc


different levels

not make it age based



Next Semester

Use book sets we have

teach more than one subject next semester

Concentrate on lesson plans/activities and teaching, not cramming

Do the same as last year but better


number of rooms

time slots

female teachers

student turnover

2 hour lessons

14 week semesters

inadequate equipment


source material

teacher commitment and availability

appeal to students & parents



to be "oxford" of Madrassas in UK

MA recommended it be quantifiable - e.g. 1000 students by X year.

Alternative - to just be best we can be - no quantifiable goals