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STT - Erico View by Mind Map: STT - Erico View

1. Why STT

1.1. Testemonial Bank

1.2. you get present to your impact... gives the energy to keep going harder...

1.3. Proof generated increases convertion

1.4. It dilutes the haters posts...

1.5. It is easiy

2. Pre-requisites

2.1. A product that is already on the market and has clientes

2.2. Top Prices

2.2.1. For every Testemonial posted

2.2.2. For the top 5

2.2.3. For the top 1

2.3. Tools

2.3.1. Blog

2.3.2. Autoresponder

2.3.3. Survey Monkey Your Name Your Video Link Checklist Did you put the word PLF-BR+EricoRocha on the title of the video? Did you include the [link to my site on the description]? Email Post Address

3. Implementation step by step

3.1. Phase 1 - The Contest

3.1.1. Goal Tell your clients about a video testemonial contest... where they can win prices for posting a honest testemonial about their transformation that came as result of your product

3.1.2. Details Time 4 days 3 Emails 1st email 2nd email 3rd email

3.1.3. Note Most of the testemonials tend to come in the last day :-) The contest has 4 days and I ten to mail on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd day... and do not mail on the 2nd...

3.2. Phase 2- Let your Audience help you choose the winners

3.2.1. 1- the top 17...

3.2.2. 2- the top 10

3.2.3. 3- the champion ship round

4. What is STT?

4.1. History Behind the Creation