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22.3 by Mind Map: 22.3

1. Thirty Years War

1.1. Catholic Princes formed a Catholic League.

1.2. Lutherans join the Protestant Union.

1.3. Calvinism spreads in Germany.

1.4. Thirty Years War was a conflict over Religion, territory, and power.

1.5. Hapsburg crushes Czechs and German Protestants with an amy of 125,000 men. (First twelve years)

1.6. Gustavus Adolphus pushes Hapsburg troops out of Sweden with an army of 23,000 disciplined men. Gustavus was killed in battle.

2. States Form Central Europe

2.1. Land owning nobles in Central Europe held down the serfs and blocked the development of strong kings.

2.2. The two Empires of Central Europe were terribly weak.

2.3. Hapsburg grew stronger while conquering Bohemia, and then centralized government.

3. Prussia Challenges Austria

3.1. Honenzollerns built state up by a number of strong holdings.

3.2. Made absolute monarchy

4. Seven Years War

4.1. Frederick attacked Saxony in Austria, soon after every great European power was involved. The war was fought in Europe, Indea, and North America.

4.2. The war lasted from 1756-1763