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rivers by Mind Map: rivers
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there are three kinds of weathering:pysical weathering' chemical weathering and biological weathering.

one weathering is couced by plants attacking houses


there are three kinds of ersion they are called costel, depsion and transportaion

water is the most inpornat ersional

ox bow lake

the bend of the river gets bendyer by the ersion of the water then after a long time the two bends join to gether. the river flows straight through. the bit what is left is left there to dry out.

a ox bow lake happens over a long pirod of time.

the names of parts of the river

soucre: the source is the sart of the river

tributary: a tridutary is a small stream that flows into a big stream (river)

confiuence: a confluence is when two rivers meet

meander: a meander is a bend in the river

mouth: the mouth is thr end of the river

what changes when you go further down river

the river gets wider

the stones get smaller

the river gets deeper

the river is less steeper

it gets more faster