Apprenticeship Community of Practice Marketing Plan

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Apprenticeship Community of Practice Marketing Plan by Mind Map: Apprenticeship Community of Practice Marketing Plan

1. Marketing Communications: "Get the Word Out!"

1.1. Internal Marketing

1.1.1. Create E-Lerts Add E-lerts User Options

1.1.2. Add email tagline to staff signatures OA Staff Field Staff

1.1.3. Find a "Viral" Document to circulate

1.1.4. John Ladd write a re-launch email & circulate to mailing list

1.2. Cross-Marketing

1.2.1. Create a "Links" page on CoP to cross-link other useful websites Ask the owners of those other websites to cross-post our website on theirs

1.2.2. Find & Post in other relevant online discussions, leaving a link trail back to the CoP

1.2.3. Add a "Sign-Up for the CoP" button at the top of the OA newsletter

1.3. Monthly Spotlights

1.3.1. Add a "Monthly Spotlight" feature on the CoP homepage

1.3.2. Feature the CoP in some way in each monthly newsletter

1.4. External Marketing

1.4.1. Develop Marketing One-Pagers for each target audience Send Marketing One-Pagers to target audiences with a note from John

1.4.2. Feature the CoP in the Workforce3One Newsletter

1.5. Social Networking

1.5.1. Set Up Twitter Account & Link to CoP Populate Twitter Account with CoP updates (ongoing)

1.5.2. Set up Facebook Account & Link to CoP Populate Facebook Account with CoP updates (RSS feed)

2. Increase Discussion Board & Blog Engagement

2.1. Discussion Boards

2.1.1. Ask field stakeholder groups to seed the Discussion Boards with "little" questions Engage key internal & external staff (bloggers?) to answer the "little' questions

2.1.2. Find experts to answer the "big" questions

2.1.3. Ensure all questions are answered immediately

2.1.4. Re-Organize Discussion Boards to be more effective

2.2. Blogs

2.2.1. Generate a revised suggested topics list

2.2.2. Generate a revised monthly bloggers list Confirm existing bloggers Find new bloggers

2.2.3. Send a suggested topic for each blog

2.2.4. Ask Bloggers to comment on other blogs & participate in discussion boards on a regular basis

3. Add New Web 2.0 Tools

3.1. Research to find additional tools

3.1.1. for GSA approved tools

3.1.2. Other Web 2.0 tools directories

3.2. YouTube

3.2.1. Embedding

3.2.2. Video optimization

3.3. Live Chat

3.3.1. Host Live "Chat with the Experts" events Create Topics List Engage Experts Create Event Schedule Publicize Events

3.3.2. Create ability for users to host their own private meetings on the CoP Create a tutorial showing how to do this Publicize Feature

3.4. Scribd

3.4.1. Embedding

4. Back-Office Technology Enhancements

4.1. Search Engine Optimization

4.1.1. Submit our web address to all major search engines & directories

4.1.2. Submit our web address to aggregators like Friendfeed

4.1.3. Ensure proper tagging & Keywording of articles on CoP

4.2. IE6 & IE8 Compliance