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EME 5432: Integrating Technology in the Social Studies by Mind Map: EME 5432: Integrating
Technology in the Social
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EME 5432: Integrating Technology in the Social Studies

(Fun) Tools That Also Make Teachers More Organized/Effective

Personal Learning Networks

Twitter, Connecting with students, Connecting with other preservice teachers, New node, So much to learn from veteran teachers!

Blogs, Maintaining my own, Following other education blogs


Online resources/tools (Too Many to Name!)

Ones I used before this class, iTunesU/Podcasts, Online discussion forums

Ones I use regularly thanks to this class, YouTube, Blogs, Twitter, Delicious, Ning

Ones I've tried and intend to use more regularly, Glogster, Zotero

Ones I truly intend to use but haven't really tried yet, Symbaloo, Evernote, Online Timelines, Wikis, VoiceThread, Digital Storytelling, Gapminder, Footnote, TED talks

Ones the jury's still out on, Google Earth, WebQuests, Geocaching

Types of Learning that Benefit From Integrating Technology

Inquiry Learning

Service Learning

Things Teachers MUST Teach Students About Technology

Teaching web literacy

Internet safety

Evaluating internet sources

How to use all these tools so that they are ready for the next thing

Benefits for Students (and Teachers) From Using Technology In Education (Networked Learning) AKA Why I have a responsibility to my students to integrate technology effectively

Increased collaboration

More engaging/fun (feels less like work)

Plethora of Resources

New effective teaching/learning activities

Interaction with life outside of classroom walls (Makes content seem more applicable)

Increased audience for student work

Preparation for life outside of school