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Conceptual Music by Mind Map: Conceptual Music
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Conceptual Music

What happens or is going to happen affects what else happens

What happens first affects what will happen next

What is planned to happen or is inevitable that it is going to happen affects what will happen before that final thing happens.

The notes themselves don't actually matter, exactly - what matters is what happens before or after those notes, which determines what note will "fit nicely into the grand scheme of things".

I do not practice

I am not a performer of pre-written music. I am a composing performer. The rules are completely different. I simply require a solid conceptual framework around which I make music happen.

I have a conceptual framework

Music consists of:

Unpleasant sounds are:

Pleasant sounds are:

Sounds/Instruments Themselves Suggest Certain Types of Musics

Live Composition is a form of High Risk Conceptual Art

It could suck

It might be great

It might be mediocre

I might push beyond my skill level to realize what is in my head.

It might pull out an "Alexander Technique" level of amazingness producing skill levels beyond my typical abilities.

It is worthwhile in the name of Fine Art to do this if only as a piece of conceptual artwork.

I have challenges

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