My Junior Year Portfolio

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My Junior Year Portfolio by Mind Map: My Junior Year Portfolio

1. Welcome to the New World

1.1. Artifact

1.2. On this project we focused to learn about how the U.S had developed and how we became to be the nation we are now. We were giving an amendment. Each member had an amendment to research and then explain in a poster or PowerPoint. What ever it was it had to be creative. We had to explain major ideas about government, individual rights and the general welfare embedded in these documents. We were grade on Knowledge and thinking, agency, oral communication , and written communication. I learn about a few amendments, but I wish I would have learn a little bit more to completely know my right just in case I'm ever involved in a situation that involves the law.

2. Rise of Industry

2.1. Artifact

2.2. This project was mostly about the Rise of Industry in america. The rise in technology, natural resources, inventions, and work forces. We learn the establishments that changed the U.S. We learn about railroads, when did they start, how did build them, how long it took them to build them, disadvantages and advantages. We also learned about the big businesses and unions. I honestly didn't understand most of how businesses worked, but I did enjoy learning about inventions and how technology grew through the years. We were graded on collaboration, oral communication, agency, knowledge and thinking. I passed with a C

3. Who are you?

3.1. Artifact

3.2. Reflection

4. All About Denise

5. ECA

5.1. Artifact

5.2. End of course. Test you about everything we have learned so far from middle school. This demonstrate where we'r reading, and math. This is also our pass to pass High school , I passed.

6. Bucket List

6.1. Bucket List

6.2. A list of goals I want to accomplish by a certain time. This list helps me see what I have to accomplish and helps me think about what I have to do to get complete a goal. This was graded based on written communication and agency

7. POTUS project.

7.1. On this project we were assigned a president to research. My president was George W. Bush. I did research on his accomplishments and there wasn't many. We had to explain if he was successful on launching new initiatives in our government?

7.2. Prezi Project

8. Code Name

8.1. Artifacr

8.2. Reflection