IMD Roadmap

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IMD Roadmap by Mind Map: IMD Roadmap


1.1. 0-6:16, 8:30-14:45

2. Why

2.1. We have difficulty delivering reliable, bug-free solutions

2.2. Currently, we lack redundancy in technical knowledge areas

2.3. Our projects are reasonably opaque wrt progress

2.4. Our projects are slow to deliver a working solution

2.5. Our projects lack buy-in from Infrastructure and Business members

2.6. Our projects rely on PC to perform a number of diverse roles: business analysis, scrummaster, product owner, project coordination and quality assurance activities

2.7. We lack an architectural runway (a way to explicitly get long-term projects into the tube)

2.8. Our team members lack a good understanding of the business strategy and objectives

2.9. Our project teams in general lack to varying levels: focus, accountability, team spirit («one for all, all for one»), inter-member mentoring

2.10. In many cases, we repeat the same mistakes

3. What

3.1. Introduction of business streams portfolio management

3.2. Reform current end-to-end development/maintenance process

4. Who

4.1. IT Dev Team

4.1.1. with help of IT Help Desk IT Infra Business Divisions

5. How

5.1. Q1 2014

5.1.1. max 3 projects per team

5.1.2. one team per stream (all work items go into sprint backlog) no splitting of team

5.1.3. scrum steps: use story point estimates, start to track velocity, ensure sprint timebox

5.1.4. functionally complete team

5.1.5. explicit roles: PO, BA, SM, PC, tester, dev, UI/UX

5.1.6. commitment from Business to provide 25% FTE as PO for each project

5.1.7. ensure 20% technical contingency

5.2. Q2 2014

5.2.1. automated testing (> 10% new code coverage)

5.2.2. continuous integration (teamcity)

5.2.3. semi-automated deployment (octopus)

5.2.4. formal release management process

5.2.5. scrum steps: add sprint planning activity

5.2.6. use Jira agile boards and sprint feature

5.2.7. grow new BAs and PCs from magic seeds

5.3. Q3 2014

5.3.1. Projects broken into PSI and scheduled by business

5.3.2. max 2 projects per team

5.3.3. coding standards (stylecop)

5.3.4. scrum steps: add sprint retrospective activity

5.3.5. pair programming trials

5.3.6. TDD trials

5.4. Q4 2014

5.4.1. automated testing (> 50% new code coverage)

5.4.2. Ncrunch like tools

5.4.3. scrum steps: add sprint grooming/refinement activity

5.4.4. formal QA process

5.5. 1st Half 2015

5.5.1. SMs for each team (from Sophia)

5.5.2. BDD trials

5.5.3. (Kanban) value stream mapping (all tasks in Jira, track actual time spent on task, track actual time spent in each queue (need to define meaningful queues))

5.5.4. Reduce Sys Admin bottlenecks by empowering Senior Devs with access rights (innocent until proven guilty, not other way around)

5.6. 2nd Half 2015

5.6.1. full scrum complaint

5.6.2. kanban for maintenance activties

5.7. 2016

5.7.1. coding dojos

5.7.2. agile SME workshops