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Augmented Citizen (towards an ecosystem) by Mind Map: Augmented Citizen (towards an ecosystem)
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Augmented Citizen (towards an ecosystem)

AR technology

core concepts


user benefits

inter-cultural gateway

fix things

find help

explore history + future

explore annotations + evaluations


free your mind

forget, what you know about AR apps, you have seen

technology goes magic

think of new abilities and powers

magic mirrors ahead

ecology of values

tbd ....


"aug-sourcing": situational crowdsourcing, based on mobile AR

GTD neighbourhoods

balanced transparency

track taxes

track the administration/gov

more? another Mind Map in the context of Government 2.0 (German)

event context: V2_ Augmented Reality Ecosystem Rotterdam 2009 – Dec 4th

My theses and advice

to be done .... coming soon

Willi Schroll (speaker info)

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focus: • foresight expert in emerging technologies • analyzing trends and innovations • communicating the implications for business and society

location: Berlin, Germany

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