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Outage by Mind Map: Outage
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A power outage is a short- or long-term loss of the electric power to an area. There are many causes of power failures in an electricity network. Examples of these causes include faults at power stations, damage to electric transmission lines, substations or other parts of the distribution system, a short circuit, or the overloading of electricity mains. Power failures are particularly critical at sites where the environment and public safety are at risk. Institutions such as hospitals, sewage treatment plants, mines, and the like will usually have backup power sources such as standby generators, which will automatically start up when electrical power is lost. Other critical systems, such as telecommunications, are also required to have emergency power. Telephone exchange rooms usually have arrays of lead-acid batteries for backup and also a socket for connecting a generator during extended periods of outage.

Does the customer have a Circuit ID?


Are we an applicable facility ?, Yes, Is this an ASI?, Yes, Where is the ASI at?, What is the ASI for?, What is the scheduled time? ( note: do not discuss over unsecure line ), What is the ASI number?, Is it over time limit, Approved extension, Did DISA approve this extention?, Yes, Contact parties involved to ensure they are working on issue and that they are aware of new deadline. Inform DISA of phone traffic., No, Get information on approving authority and pass to parties involved including DISA., Dissapproved extension, Return service to previous state, Unsure, SIPR ASI Calendar ( ), Check CENTCOM website ( url? ), No, Has this circuit a 99 TSO issued?, Yes, Effective date in future, Continue with troubleshooting efforts, Effective date in past, Stop troubleshooting, circuit no longer exists., No, How long has it been down, Less than 10 minutes, Dont open ticket., If repeating open info ticket, More than 10 minutes, Is there equipment in our facility?, Equipment Troubleshooting Map, What trunks does it ride?, Are there problems with higher level trunks?, Yes, Open ticket as higher level outage, No, Continue Troubleshooting Process, Fix actions for previous outages?, Open Facit Ticket, Repeat Previous Fix Action Possible?, Yes, Service Restored?, Yes, Complete Ticket Process, No, Continue Troubleshooting Process, No, Continue Troubleshooting Process, What priority is it?, TSP, NA, Open Facit Ticket, 01, Create Slide, Notify FCO, Notify CFP, Open Facit Ticket, 02, Create Slide, Notify FCO, Notify CFP, Open Facit Ticket, HIT/SI, Create Slide, Notify FCO, What service does it carry?, SIPR, NIPR, DSN, DRSN, End of Day shutoff?, Yes, Documentation the proves?, No, Notify Red Switch Standby Cell, Able to get ahold of tech?, Yes, Record Time Called, Give Downtime, Give CCSD, Record Initials of person, Give who notified of outage, No, Report Loss of communications to FCO, Notify Red Switch NCOIC, Notify FCO, Record Time Called, Give Downtime, Give CCSD, Record Initials of person, Create Paper Ticket, After Restoral Create Facit Ticket (Mirror of Paper Ticket), Notify CFP, Record Time Called, Record Initials of person, Give Downtime, Give CCSD, Create slide, Unsure, How to find out if shutoff?, Unsure, Lookup in TSO, Lookup in WWOLS, Lookup in Facit, Lookup in Circuit Actions Database, Lookup in Circuit Actions Mail Box, No, Direct to the reporting facility, Unsure, What facilities do we report on?, CHECK DISA EURDEFSTA 2006-008, Search for facility in the TSO


Get Circuit ID.